Physical exercise: Is your lifestyle killing you?

Q1: Is your lifestyle killing you? Not sure? Let's look at your physical activity…

Q2: Last week did you do over 150min of physical activity that got you warm and slightly out of breath? Did you try to move more and sit less?!

In the UK we know that 33% of men and 45% women do not do enough physical activity for good health.

The activity levels of our children also appear to be a cause for serious concern. An international study making news headlines today, which has compared the physical activity levels of children across 38 countries, ranked England, Scotland and Wales among the worst of the countries surveyed. Those commenting on the research have said that exercise is being 'stripped out' of modern lives of our young people. (1)

We know that being active reduces your risk of so many medical conditions including high blood pressuretype 2 diabetes, colon cancer and depression. We know inactivity kills roughly as many people as smoking does. Want to learn more about the facts? Check out this fantastic document by Public Health England looking at physical inactivity. 

Source: Public Health England

Read on to get one step closer to adding 10 minutes of activity every day.


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