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Have you ever wanted to know how your favourite Hollywood celebrities manage to stay in such great shape? Believe it or not, those stunning figures you see on the red carpet are not simply the product of luck or favourable genes. However, many of the world’s top celebrities and best athletes do have a “secret” advantage: they all work with Beverly-Hills-based personal trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Gunnar’s client list reads like the Hollywood walk of fame, so he can tell you what it takes to look good by celebrity standards. In his latest book G-Force: The Ultimate Guide To Your Best Body Ever, Gunnar reveals his training tactics.

Now, in this exclusive interview, Gunnar reveals how he prepares some of Hollywood’s biggest names for television debuts, leading roles in movies, photo shoots and much more.

Here is an inside look at some of the many celebrities Gunnar has helped train:

Angelina Jolie: Gunnar worked with Angelina in the months leading up to her role in Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. He also travelled to London with her during the filming of this popular action-adventure thriller. When designing a workout regimen for this stunning actress, Gunnar focused primarily on strength training, movement and agility work.

In order to get ready for the demanding part of Lara Croft, Angelina spent many hours on the climbing wall. Gunnar also asked her to perform plyometric exercises (speed and strength movements designed to enhance power) for both her upper and lower body.

“Angelina is an absolute gem to be around,” Gunnar says. “She didn’t even have the main problem most celebrities have, which is scheduling conflicts.”

While she trained with Gunnar, Angelina also took martial arts lessons. She performed most of her own stunts in the movie, which included sword fighting, spear throwing and even bungee jumping.

“I’m all for curves on a woman and feeling sexy,” Angelina told us. “And I never felt healthier or stronger than during the filming of this movie.”

Jennifer Lopez: Gunnar has been J Lo’s personal trainer for more than seven years. Though her specific workout regimens are largely role-dependent, they generally focus on strength training, movement and interval work.

Gunnar says he can’t help being amused by all of the attention Jennifer Lopez receives in the media about her butt. Personally, he thinks that is like looking at a brand-new Ferrari and complementing only the tires.

“We have worked on her arms, chest, abs and back just as much,” Gunnar says. “There is not one bad body part on her. She is truly one of a kind.”

Jennifer always watches what she eats and prepares healthy and balanced meals. In addition to her personal training sessions, she reportedly also takes yoga classes.

“When I was younger, I was into hard physical exercise, but now what’s more important to me is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit,” Jennifer reveals. “I still do weights and cardio, but I try to take a soft, feminine approach.”

Sylvester Stallone: Gunnar has been working with Sylvester Stallone for about four years. His workout regimen consists primarily of strength training and plyometric exercises for the upper body. Gunnar also says they do a lot of cycle intervals to work on proportion and keep Stallone’s physique looking even.

“Sylvester Stallone is 59 and still trains as hard as anybody else,” Gunnar says. “He is an action hero forever.”

Another thing that impresses Gunnar about working with Stallone is the completely selfless way this Hollywood celebrity approaches each and every training session. Despite Stallone’s many years of experience with fitness, Gunnar says the Rambo star is always receptive to new ideas.

“If you tell Sylvester you think he needs to work on something, he just does it,” Gunnar says. “He has no ego about it at all.”

Penelope Cruz: Gunnar has been working with Penelope Cruz for about 3 ½ years. Her workout regimen includes full-body strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

Gunnar says this Spanish actress is already very agile following years of formal dance training. Penelope studied classical ballet for nine years at Spain's National Conservatory. She has also trained with a number of prominent dancers.

Kim Cattrall: Kim Cattrall makes a point to work out with Gunnar whenever she is in Los Angeles. During her training sessions, Gunnar says he focuses on overall fitness. He also says the former Sex And The City star has made exercise a way of life.

“Kim is no stranger to working out,” Gunnar says. “She is a lifer.”

Though Gunnar has built a reputation as a “trainer to the stars,” he actually works with people from all walks of life. However, he does think celebrities are often easier to train than his other clients. The prominent personal trainer reveals exclusively to us, some celebrity workout secrets that everybody can apply to their own routines:

Consistency -- According to Gunnar, celebrities are more consistent with their workouts than most people. One of the reasons his celebrity clients look so stunning all the time is that they have made fitness a regular part of their lives. Though they may not always enjoy exercising, each of them is committed to getting it done.

“It should be as unthinkable to skip your workout as it is to skip brushing your teeth,” Gunnar says.

And, it isn’t as if Gunnar’s celebrity clients have all day to stroll into the gym, either. Most of them have incredibly demanding schedules, but they still make it a point to exercise whenever they can fit it in. Even if they are needed on the set all day, most of them get up early in the morning to complete a workout. People are always telling Gunnar that they just don’t have the time to exercise, but he rarely hears that complaint from his celebrity clients.

“No matter what you do, the President of the United States probably has a schedule that is busier than yours,” Gunnar says. “And, each of our recent Presidents has made the time for daily exercise.”

Motivation -- Rather than just showing up to the gym, celebrity clients nearly always come ready to work. Gunnar says he shouldn’t have to play the role of a drill sergeant because that really isn’t his job.

“I don’t try to get it out of you,” Gunnar says. “You are either bringing your best game with you, or you aren’t.” Gunnar says his celebrity clients are extremely motivated because the better part of them understands that working out helps them do what they do. And by that, he doesn’t just mean looking good in an outfit.

“Celebrities will often come back and tell me that they felt better on a particular shoot or were more prepared for a certain role because of the work we did together,” Gunnar says.

Setting Specific Goals -- Celebrities have a purpose when they work out, Gunnar says. Most of them use a personal trainer and map out both short-term and long-term fitness goals for themselves. Even though they may devise a certain workout regimen to get in shape for a specific role or event, Gunnar says none of his celebrity clients make the mistake of viewing exercise as a temporary fix.

Making Healthy Choices -- Gunnar has also noticed that most of his celebrity clients tend to make healthier choices outside the gym. Nearly all of them follow a healthy eating plan, and they also drink plenty of water and get proper amounts of sleep.

Varying Their Workouts -- Celebrities understand how important it is to vary their workouts and incorporate new activities. According to Gunnar, most people give up on their workout programs after they become monotonous.

“When you give yourself more ways to attack your problem areas, you are less likely to burn out on something,” Gunnar says.

The man behind many of the very best bodies in Hollywood and professional sports has also written a book. In G-Force: The Ultimate Guide To Your Best Body Ever, Gunnar shares more workout secrets, along with core moves, diet tips and strategies for staying on track.

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