Running blog: how was your weekend running?

I've had a lovely, relaxed, post-race easy week after the Royal Parks half marathon last weekend, though it did occur to me that running for an hour through a heavy downpour might not be everyone's idea of taking it easy – I think I've actually had showers drier than that run. What's more, I really enjoyed it, which does make me slightly question my own sanity.

There is something really enjoyable, though, about the period after a race when you have achieved your goal and there is no new one in immediate sight (apart from, um, the marathon I'm doing in February). It's great just to go for runs without thinking about pushing it, or hitting a tempo, or doing intervals – just get out, run for a bit, stop. All very simple (until you realise your trainers will take about five weeks to dry properly).

But now that easy week is over and it's back to the schedule, upping the mileage and doing two races in two days next weekend – including the first cross-country race of the season on Saturday. Which gives me the excuse to put the greatest runner of all time (discuss), Emil Zátopek, on your screens. He – of course – won the race above.

So, how was your weekend – are you tapering now for an autumn marathon and beginning to get The Fear, or is it all done and dusted? As usual, come and chat, share your achievements and ask for advice from fellow runners. Tips on drying out soggy running shoes particularly welcome.

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