Running blog: how was your weekend running?

Just under halfway through Saturday's long run, my heart went out of it. I'd been having fun – running the 47-mile Mary Towneley loop as part of a training weekend for the Spine Race – but as night fell on Rooley Moor, the rain turned to sleet and hail and I could see the bright lights of Rochdale twinkling in the valley below. The thought of families tucked up cosy and warm inside their homes hit my motivation, and I was tempted to bail out.

A large block of homemade flapjack really perked me up, though. An hour later, the night sky momentarily cleared and a rocket whistled straight up ahead of me from the town below, the start of an unexpected firework display. I cruised the rest of the way to Hebden Bridge feeling great.

How was your weekend? Did you go out for a long run or are you taking it easy over the winter? And have you got a secret running food that picks you up when you hit a rough patch?

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