Running blog: how was your weekend running?

Like many spring marathoners, I've started upping the miles on my long Sunday runs – as I'm doing Seville Marathon at the end of Feburary, I'm already up to 17 miles. So I've started spending a lot of time thinking about recovery. Probably more time thinking about it than doing it, mind.

As I'm sure many runners are aware, there's an optimum window after a hard session of around 20-30 minutes, or thereabouts, during which your body is more receptive to the glycogen supplies it needs to replenish. Doesn't need to be much – around 200 calories seems to be the generally accepted figure. Straightforward enough, if unlike me you don't feel more inclined to nausea than hunger after a long run. So how do you conquer it, and take in the calories? My kind husband has been making me fruit smoothies with the addition of protein powder when I walk through the door. I can tolerate them because they are thirst-quenching as well, but the idea of actually eating something solid … ugh.

There are of course a lot of recovery drinks on the market – and I've recently developed a bit of an obsession with Whey Hey, a high-protein, no-sugar ice-cream – again because ice-cream is cold, it feels more palatable after running for two hours.

What are your favourite health post-run refuelling snacks? (And yes, scoffing of cake for the rest of the day is entirely acceptable, you just have to get the healthy bit out of the way first …)

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