Running blog: how was your weekend running?

So, did you get out on the hottest day of the year so far (whoohoo!) yesterday and enjoy the unusual sensation of warm air on bare arms, or are you tensely tapping your tapering toes ahead of the London marathon next week? Share your weekend run, or pre-London excitements and anxieties, in the comments below.

Despite worries of rain and high winds, the weather turned out just right for the extremely well-organised fourth Brighton marathon yesterday. The elite runners obviously thought so, with a Kenyan double act setting new course records and PBs – Dominic Kangor at 2:10:46 and Eunice Kale with 2:28:46.

I also scored a PB, but then it was my first marathon. It wasn't quite the result I was hoping for, though, as I made the classic beginner's error of setting off too fast. I know, I know … despite a firm plan to run consistently throughout I stupidly tore all that up on crossing the start line on the basis that "well, if I can get some faster miles in the bag early on, it'll take the pressure off later when it really hurts …"

Any first-time Londoners thinking of pursuing the same strategy next week – don't. Just don't. Having sailed around the first half in record time (for me), I hit the wall on the "road to hell" – miles 19-22 or so around Shoreham power station and port (yes, it's as ugly and fishy-smelling as it sounds). But the crowd was amazing throughout and even being overtaken by Noddy wearing his car in the last mile couldn't take the shine of my medal when I finally finished.

How about you? Did your weekend run go according to plan? Let us know.

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