Running blog: how was your weekend running?

I'm surrounded now by people in the final throes of marathon preparation - the talk at my running club is all about the last few weeks, how to taper, how the last long run went, how the injuries and aches and pains are holding up. I'm beginning to feel a bit of a fraud, having only signed up for half marathons this year.

In fact, I'm in that lull between races at the moment, where I'm still putting in the miles but feeling a bit lacking in energy or motivation - though I should get my act together really as I'm doing the Towpath Ten race in a few weeks. Anyone got any top tips for reclaiming your sense of purpose after a big race?

The weather doesn't help: this time last year the temperature in London, at least, was in the high teens and it was definitely T-shirt running weather. This year, I'm still in long running tights, gloves and base layers galore. Still, there's nothing like a long run on a bank holiday monday to have you feeling virtuous after guzzling down rather a lot of chocolate. So did you burn off some gluttony this weekend, or did you exercise considerably more self-control than me when it comes to egg-shaped chocolate?

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