Running blog: how was your weekend running?

Well I'm not sure what took more willpower – fitting an 18-mile run (average pace 7'50 min/miles, so 2 hrs 21 mins) in before work on a Monday morning, or getting out of the hot shower afterwards. Fitting marathon training in around family life means I had to get the miles in today rather than the more usual Sunday session. Currently I am trying to fire up that willpower yet again to go downstairs to the Guardian canteen and purchase pretty much all of their carbohydrate-based foodstuffs. Anyone know of a toast delivery company?

Of course, if I was to channel my inner Mo Farah (quite a stretch, I admit), I would be waving bye-bye to my kids and heading off for a couple of months at a training camp – you can read Sean Ingle's piece about Farah's trip to Kenya to train for his London Marathon here. Apparently many of the athletes there sleep for some 14 hours a day. I shall be pointing this out to my insomniac toddler this evening. While purchasing those plane tickets to Kenya …

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