Running blog: how was your weekend running?

At some point, deep in the midst of a marathon-training schedule, I clearly thought it would be a good idea to enter a triathlon two weeks after the London Marathon. I seem, dimly, to remember the rationale was that it would just be nice to have a bit of a change.

Despite waking up on Sunday morning for the 7am start with a feeling of dread and a fear that – having done no swimming or bike training whatsoever, I would sink first, then fall off – I was right! It was a lot of fun! Who knew? Err, apart from all those thousands of triathletes, that is.

The triathlon in question was one for novices, the Womble Triathlon, organised (brilliantly) by my own running club. An indoor swim of 420m, 11km bike and a 5km run around Wimbledon Common. The swim was fine – I had good swimming teaching at school which has left me with a decent front crawl stroke. The bike though, was a bit terrifying. I worked out afterwards it was the first cycle ride of more than about five minutes that I had done in six years, and I've never been much of a cyclist. I only learned when I was in my 20s and still terrified of downhills on a racing bike. The run, though – well, I may not have been super quick but post-marathon, 5km really does seem a breeze.

So I was delighted to not only really enjoy it, but win my age group, a voucher, and a hug from a Womble. I feel a bit guilty now that I didn't stop to pick up any litter, mind.

Far more impressively, though, I can also take this opportunity to embarass/congratulate our own Adharanand Finn, who won an eight-mile trail race, the Haldon Heartbeat, this weekend. Bodes well for his Edinburgh marathon time in a few weeks.

So what did you get up to this weekend? Still gearing up for a spring marathon, enjoying a post-race slump or thinking, like me, of trying out a few new things? And can anyone tell me why on earth I entered a half marathon next weekend?

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