Running blog: how was your weekend running?

My two runs this weekend certainly embraced some extremes of weather – on Saturday at the track, we did our 800/400m reps in what felt remarkably like a bathroom shower – albeit a lukewarm shower with really dodgy water pressure. And no towels. Then Sunday morning's 12-miler was in glorious sunshine, at my favourite time of day for long runs – early in the morning, when you have the towpaths and even the busy roads pretty much to yourself.

But having misjudged the distance slightly, I then had to dash (OK, fast-hobble) straight to the junior parkrun – the scene of a near two-minute PB from my five-year-old. Oh to be able to knock two minutes of my PB and then still put on an impressive sprint for ice-cream after ...

In fact, as my scientific survey afterwards revealed, ice-cream (or ice lollies) are voted best post-race snack by 100% of five-year-olds and grownups (sample size: four). And if chocolate milk contains everything you need to recover after a big session, surely chocolate ice-cream is even better?

So what did your weekend hold – tell us about it below the line as ever, and vote for your favourite ice-cream while you are at it.

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