Running blog: how was your weekend running?

Even in the English Riviera, British summer is a fairly fragile affair. And so it proved when on Sunday I took part in the Torbay half marathon. It's a lovely race along the seafront, with donkey rides on the green, fun fairs and holidaymakers stopping to cheer the runners. But with winds of over 20mph, the racing was tough going.

Add in a few hills, and overall I was pleased to finish within two minutes of my PB in a time of 1hr 20min 28sec. I've been training for a one-mile track race recently, so I was worried I might not have enough endurance at the end, but I managed to keep up my pace and even produced a token sprint finish to show off my track speed.

The race featured a couple of east Africans who tore off into the distance right from the start. The winner, Boniface Kiprop from Kenya, will be making a more in-depth appearance on the running blog later this week. Watch this space.

Elsewhere, it's generally a quiet time of the year for road racing, but perhaps you prefer track, or parkruns, or jogging around the block with your dog, or losing yourself in the mountains. Whatever running you've been up to this weekend, as usual, let us know below.

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