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Short shorts are back, and it's not too late for you to get those lean, long looking sexy legs. If you get on it right now, you can have sexy legs in a matter of weeks. But, you have to work intelligently.

The two biggest leg issues are the front thighs that hang over the knee and the ugly "piece of meat" bulging on the inner thigh.

What to do? For the front thigh you want to lift and tone. For the inner thigh you want to reduce and sculpt. You need to use weights for the front thigh, because to lift it you must put a mini muscle under the skin. But you don't want to use weights for the inner thigh. For this area, you want to zap off the fat, and tone it using your own body weight.

You do the front thigh weight-bearing exercise standing and using one dumbbell, and the non-weight bearing exercise for your inner thigh lying down. For the fastest results, you can do as many as 6 thigh combinations on a given day!

Should you totally neglect other body parts? Of course not!

But you could devote more time to thighs during a given week than any other body part, if thighs are the main area you want to tone.

Here are two thigh exercises to get you started. The first one is standing and using a dumbbell. The second is lying on the floor and using your own body force.

Straddle squat front thigh lifter

Start: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, holding a dumbbell arms straight down, in the center of your body, palms facing your body.

Movement: Keeping the dumbbell close to your body, squat down to a comfortable position and feel the stretch in your front thigh muscles. Flexing your front thighs as hard as possible, return to start and repeat until you have done 12 repetitions. Without resting, move to the next exercise.

Inner thigh zapping frog leg lift

Start: Lie flat on your back with both knees bent as far as possible and your heels together. Extend your knees outward as far as possible.

Movement: Flexing your inner thighs as hard as possible as you go, straighten your legs until you cannot go any further. Feeling the stretch in your inner thighs, return to start position and repeat until you have done 15 repetitions. Repeat this combination two more times. For really fast results, you can add more leg combinations, even combining them with other body parts.

If you focus on your legs the right way for minutes a day, you'll have sexy legs in a matter of weeks. Some people see changes in just two weeks!

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