Tighten up those thighs & triceps

Joyce L. Vedral, Ph.D

It's not rocket science, but it is a science! Women ask me all the time, "What can I do for my sagging skin – even after I've lost weight I look terrible?" Other women who have not lost weight yet worry that they will have loose skin if they do lose weight.

Well there's good news. You can tighten up that loose skin by making it cling to developing mini-muscles. Now don't panic! I'm not talking Arnold, I'm talking sexy, feminine muscularity, which will take up less space than the hanging fat and sagging skin.

Two of the most common areas for "loose skin" on women are the triceps and the thighs (the triceps are the flag-wavers or 'bingo wings' on the other side of your biceps).

I used to have lots of loose skin on my arms and my thighs, but by consistently working on these areas for a few minutes every day, I’ve completely toned up! Toning up doesn’t have to mean lifting heavy weights, but moderate weights will certainly help. You can start out as light as two or three pounds, and build up as you get stronger.

As long as it works for you and you do it properly, you're getting as much out of it as someone who is stronger than you, and lifting ten times as much as you. If I could do it anyone can!

The following exercises are a good start – you should start seeing a difference in three weeks!

1. The Seated Double Arm Dumbbell Press (for sagging triceps).

Sit at the edge of a chair or bench, holding a dumbbell at either end with one hand at each end, palms facing forward. Hold the dumbbell straight up with your elbows nearly, but not quite locked.

Movement: Flexing your triceps muscles as you go, lower the dumbbell behind you until you cannot go any further. Give your triceps muscle another hard flex and return to starting position. Do this movement ten times and move to the next exercise.

2. The Front Squat

Stand with your feet a natural width apart, with a dumbbell in each hand resting on each shoulder–your arms are criss-crossed.

Movement: Keeping your back straight and your eyes straight ahead, lower yourself to a comfortable position, making sure you do not threaten your knees. Even a small amount of lowering goes a long way. Return to starting position and repeat this movement until you have done ten repetitions. Return to the first exercise. Repeat this series two for times for a total of three times.

For more exercises for these body parts, and to get rid of loose skin on other body parts, visit my website at www.joycevedral.com.

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