Top five: gym bags

Mi Pac star duffel Bag, £29.99,

A barrel-shaped bag with twin handles, lined inside for stashing that, um, fragrant post-gym gear, with a zipped pocket in there too. This is a great bag for the price – it could double as a weekend bag, too, and the unisex style could also be shared between friends/couples/flatmates. The shoulder strap is adjustable. Mi Pac also does great simple rucksacks for about £20 in a variety of patterns, including this star-print one.

Converse backpack, £24.99,

A simple, unisex style from Converse. It is 16 litres so fits plenty in, but is also pretty compact, so you don't have to worry about taking people out on the crowded commute. Unless that is your aim, of course.

Trappist backpack, £85, from

If you are a frequent gym-goer who also has to lug around a laptop or other bits of work kit – or even if you just do the latter – this brilliantly designed bag is worth saving up your pennies for. It has got features galore, including elastic grips inside for pen drives and the like. It fits a 17" laptop in the neoprene sleeve and comes in three different, pleasingly retro, colourways.

Training bag, £11 (currently on sale)

Your basic, functional gym bag: has separate compartments for wet and dry kit (so makes a good swim bag too), an adjustable strap and water-bottle pocket. Everything you need, in short, for a mere £11. Bargain. Not a super-stylish bargain, admittedly, but substance over style.

Fjallraven backpacks, £65, from

At the other end of the spectrum, the bag no hipster would be seen dead without. Luckily, hipsters probably don't spend that much time in gyms – those stationery bikes just aren't fixed-wheel enough for their liking. However, regardless of the hipster-love, these are great bags in sunny, cheerful colours.

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