What's the safest way to exercise in a heatwave?

The UK is set to face some scorching temperatures as a "Spanish plume" weather conditions are predicted to keep temperatures around 35C. If it wasn't obvious before that we are in the middle of summer, people will be bracing themselves to deal with some very hot days.

Many people struggle with extreme heat and there are definitely particular populations that need to take extra caution. Those affected include:

● People over the age of 75

● Young children and babies

● People who suffer from heart or breathing problems

● People with mobility problems

● People who take medications that affect sweating and temperature control

● People who misuse alcohol and drugs

● People enjoying intensive sport

● People who work in the heat.

In addition to the populations that are at-risk for experiencing adverse health conditions due to the heat, it is important for everyone to take note of how they are feeling and not wait too long to get a break from the outdoors.

Summertime is one of the best seasons of the year to be active and most people head outside for their exercise.

So how do you continue with your exercise programme and remain safe while doing it?

Read about the 'red flag' symptoms to be aware of while exercising in the heat.


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