Why I love face yoga

The beauty industry never fails to brighten my day, offering me new products the necessity of which I had never previously dreamed of. Just this week, Garnier were kind enough to send me their brand new face yoga kit.

As everyone knows, yoga, in all its various body-related forms, has over the past few years become the thing to do - heck, even my mum, who lives in sleepy Norfolk, is hooked. So a regime specifically for the face is clearly long overdue. How have I managed without one all this time?

Included in this box of delights: Garnier Synergie Lift, a daily firming serum to combat wrinkles; a yoga face ball for massaging the skin; facial yoga routines; a short history of face-reading; and five plastic cards with different facial types etched on to them, designed to help you identify the correct routine for your individual face. Thoughtfully, the cards even come with one of those handy rubber sticky things, designed to suck on to your bathroom mirror, allowing your hands to be free so you can follow your specific routine with painless ease.

"Face yoga draws on the ancient Far Eastern art of face reading," explains the pamphlet. "Chinese and Oriental medicine study people's faces to diagnose personality and well-being." Add to this the "face-map" (which takes in account other traits) and you have facial yoga. Irresistible.

Performing my individual routine will, I gather, only take a few minutes each day and, along with the helpful lifestyle tips on the card, is bound to make me feel more at one with myself. After a first attempt, I convince myself I feel more centred, although I still haven't quite perfected the art of not dropping the massage ball. But, thinking back to school days on the rugby pitch, that's pretty much the story of my life...

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