26 ways people cope whilst having a panic attack

 We teamed up with Anxiety UK to find out how people cope with panic attacks, and how this could help others.

Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make the biggest difference.

1.Distract yourself

2. Play the counting game

3. Sing a song


4. Listen to audiobooks

5. Talk it out with yourself

6. Use cold water

7. Colouring and lots of blankets


8. Touch something nearby

9. Go out into the fresh air

10. Try grounding yourself

11. Even a keyring can help

12. Say silly words

13. Try breathing tecniques


14. Exercise



15. Focus on the bigger picture, not the details

16. Call a friend


17. Don’t just go through the motions

18. Think of things you can look forward to

19. Start moving

20. Accept the emotions

21. Solve a made up problem

22. Watch TV with your family

23. Try this technique

24. Use essential oils to calm down

25. Dissolve the fear
26. Surround yourself with music

Tell us how you cope with panic attacks and do you think these could help?

For more support go to Anxiety UK or go to our anxiety forums, where there are other people like you who are always there to help.


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