All made up

It may have escaped your notice, but someone has turned the volume up on hair. Yes, big hair is back; forget winsome girlie tresses, thick luscious locks are the order of the day. All well and good for those blessed with a fine head and lots of body, but pity the lasses (and lads) whose hair refuses to beef up, no matter how many crusts they eat. Back-combing is never an option, unless the look you're after is 'tangled wiry mess'. Instead, invest in a volumising shampoo, such as the marvellous Pure Abundance by Aveda. Big shampoo from Lush is so good for your hair you could probably eat it (I said probably), and L'Occitane's shampoo is a volumising triumph, giving locks so full you'll put the Timotei girl to shame.

Pure Abundance volumising shampoo £11.50, by Aveda, 01730 232380. 10/10

Big shampoo £6.25, by Lush, 01202 668545. 8/10

Armoise Artemisia Shampoo £10, by L'Occitane, 020-7907 0301. 9/10

Volumising Know How £3.99, by Michael Van Clarke, 020-7224 3123. 7/10

Full Volume Shampoo £15, by Frédéric Fekkai, 0870 169 9999. 7/10

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