Are you addicted to your phone?

The 21st century is an age of information at your fingertips, be it the news, pictures from a friend's wedding or just checking some emails. We have never been more integrated with the digital world, and as an extension, the world around us. Or so we think. We see the world through a screen, not as it is. Worse still, could this habit be harming our health and relationships? Could we benefit from putting our phones down? The evidence says perhaps so.

A recent BBC article has revealed an interesting but not wholly surprising fact; we are all addicted to our phones. A study of 4,000 consumers found that up to 33% would use their phones late at night and within minutes of waking, whilst up to 10% could not even eat without browsing. This study echoed previous studies, which were more punishing, estimating up to 70% of those having a dysfunctional relationship with their phone.

Although this may seem harmless, in these cases a large majority stated their behaviour was straining their personal relationships, and the problem worsens with more senior job roles.


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