Are you happy?

The knowledge is passed down. I've learned the belt to match the shoes; the lining to complement the fabric. You have to romance the cloth, drape it over someone's arm and tell them exactly how it'll look.

The first time I put on a made-to-measure suit, it felt so good I wanted to wear it all the time. When I'm working, I walk around a person to see if they have a hollow back. Perhaps their head sticks forward. It's not as easy as saying someone's a size 42. There are so many configurations. I see these things.

I see people become happier. They'll look at themselves in the mirror and see themselves slimmer and taller. You notice a reaction on their faces. I'm not saying it's magic, but I can fine-tune people. Being a sharp dresser sharpens the mind.

I've made suits for Dad, but I think he's quite scared to wear them. He doesn't want to get anything on them. He wears his suits to church, and he's the best dressed one there.

I'm a social person. I try to get as much out of life as possible. I arrive at work, get my bag and head out into the West End, to Canary Wharf. Some clients are so busy they can't look away from their screens. They're making global decisions.

I'm not always happy - I go up and down - but there are points when I step back and see where I'm at. This job has made me feel better about my life. I get to wear a suit every single day.

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