Are you happy? Debra Taylor, manager, Foal animal rescue centre

Happiness means everything to me. I want it. I need it. I wish I could be happy all the time. When I'm at home after a long day, I think to myself that the particular animal I've been with is safe. I feel good about that, knowing I've been able to make a real difference. All the staff are affected when a mistreated animal arrives, so to see it leave in good health, and with the knowledge that it will be loved, makes us feel good.

As a child, I regularly brought home injured creatures. The science teachers would wonder why the lab mice were disappearing. Our shed always had something scurrying about, much to my father's dismay. Maybe by looking after the animal's wellbeing I am feeding my own. It's possible to sustain a sense of wellbeing by positive thinking. Smile, smile, smile - even through gritted teeth. Animal rescue is in my blood. I cannot switch it off as often as I'd like. How can a person decide whether or not to rescue a needy animal? I will be rescuing forever and ever, amen.

Rescue is not the only thing that makes me happy. I like a Jack Daniel's and Coke, and a roll-up. I was happy when blood sports were banned. My two deranged terriers, my kids, Lee Evans, staffies - they all make me happy. When I feel unhappiness, I feel it in my heart. People in fur coats make me unhappy, as well as animal cruelty. I don't like fat cats - the city type, not real cats, of course.

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