Are you happy?: John Davies, fancy dress shop owner

In the 70s I was a disco dancer. I was renowned in the Middlesbrough area for my fast legwork and spinning. I'd dance for four hours a night in my flares, and instead of platforms I wore moccasins, which are especially good for spinning. The UV light made my white shirt look good. I got into the UK disco dancing championship finals, but I was given a slow song, an "end of the night" song - I wanted Earth, Wind & Fire; they gave me Gonzales - so I didn't get to show my stuff.

When I started DJing, playing the kind of soul music I love, I had a successful night for a while. But the management was naive to soul. They said I had to play the Rolling Stones, so I quit.

The 70s were a lot looser, though the shirts could be very tight. The best thing about working with clothes from that era is that when people come into the shop, they're not just popping out for cigarettes. They're getting a retro image. They're going to a party. It was a happy time. The clothes were so loud, bright and glittery.

I'm a bit of an outsider. I don't see much of my own family, but I'm very happy at home with my partner and her daughter. I've found new things to be happy about. I used to think only boring people had gardens. I have a nice telescope that gives me a view of the rings of Saturn. Back in the 70s, I loved the stars, but wouldn't ever have thought a garden could bring happiness.

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