Are you happy? Marie Collins, feng shui consultant

Yes, actually. Many years ago, before I had studied feng shui, I bought a house in France. Without knowing, I had achieved what people seek. I'd found a good space. For 10 years I sailed through. Two months after I moved out, the firm I was working for closed down, I lost money and had to have an operation. Even now I remember that house and how I felt in it. The upside is the people who bought it will have a happy life. That's the power of feng shui.

I lived in Singapore for 16 years. It was there I started studying. I noticed how sensitive I'd become to energies and where I would sit in a room. In Singapore, some feng shui masters tilted the door of a hotel 15 degrees. A different kind of energy started coming in. Business improved. But westerners are reluctant to do what it takes. They might not want to shift their bed.

I'm quite an optimistic person. If I am feeling depressed, I check on my energies. Oh yes, I'll think, that's why I'm feeling this way. It will pass. In a home, sometimes you can't change a doorway, but you can use a screen to make sure the chi is travelling into the house in the right direction. I'd love to move my stove but the landlady might not be as supportive. I live with my daughter and we change our beds around all the time. Altering sleeping positions makes a huge difference to happiness. At the start of the month I'll say to her, "Time to change."

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