Are you happy? Stephanie Sutherland, operations manager

I'm very good at being content. I'm amazing at it, actually. Sometimes this skill is not helpful. I'm not so ambitious, so there's no five-year plan. I don't think about the future, but the way I live allows me to try to improve things, rather than make them worse.

Maybe I do think about the future. I have a pension, but that's because I'm not great with money and in 40 years I don't want to be on the breadline. My parents split up when I was young and we didn't have much money, so I do think about it. I would have liked to put 100% of my money in ethical funds, but at this stage that's not sensible, so I've got 30% in there. I avoid alcohol, tobacco, arms and any institution that plays a role in increasing developing-world debt. It makes me happy, and I do think some energy companies will be a good investment - they'll have to be with the way the world is going. I know I'm just a tiny drop in the pond. Anything I can do to make things better makes me happy.

I'm a real product of my mother. She's an old commie and it was drummed into me that our actions had an effect, so I always banked with a cooperative bank.

Happiness can come when people act as a group. It leaves me at a loss when I see people who don't vote, don't take a stand, don't even recycle. I don't let that get to me, though. Contentment is important. I'm not so much into the striving as I am into the appreciation.

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