Are you happy? Victoria Hart, retro enthusiast

Happiness is uncontrollable and contagious. I live life completely happily all the time. A smile can change a situation. Laughter clears the air. I've got that cutesy thing going on, and it makes me happy. I love being watched, I love my singing, I love turning heads and all the attention I get from wearing a dress.

I believe in living spur-of-the-moment. You might get into a bit of trouble from it, but that's what spontaneity is all about.

My grandmother was a model in the 50s. She's very into Vargas artwork. I've always loved the era because I'm a dreamer and a romancer. I'll watch Pal Joey or Gilda and think everything was happier, more beautiful, back then. Roles between men and women were more defined. I dress only from that era. I don't own a pair of jeans. I wore my first vintage-inspired dress when I was 12. I could not take it off.

Women are so manly these days. You'll see them on street corners with their beers. That's a joke. I love really manly men.

I've never been in love. It sounds funny, but I think it's a good thing - I've never had my heart broken. I like the way things used to happen. If the heel on my shoe broke and a drop-dead gorgeous guy came by and something sparked, I'd like that.

Life was simpler in the 40s. I know there was stuff that wasn't so good. I'm only really watching the lovely parts.

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