Are you happy? William Lawrence, Wales Young Farmers' Club

I'm from Pembrokeshire, from a fishing village popular with second home-owners. My long-term aim is to live back home. It's what I know. I had a good time when I lived in Leamington Spa, I got to see a different way of life, but for me happiness is where you can find more of a community.

Even with house prices the way they are, if someone wants to come back home, they will. I wouldn't say living costs were less expensive, with fuel prices going up, but people find ways round those challenges in order to live where they feel they should be.

I'm a farmer's son and I will be returning to a career in farming. It's a 5-9 lifestyle rather than a 9-5 job. I'm not one of those people who hates office life but there is an element of independence with farming that appeals to me. Farming makes me happy. Something clicks. Obviously it is more buoyant these days and it has greater global significance than a year ago. Irrespective of that, there's the value of working for yourself. Older farmers just got on with it.

Young people in rural areas don't have to feel cut off. I've got a friend who keeps me updated on the progress of the field he's sowing using Facebook.

With a background in economics, I give serious thought to the future. We've seen record rises in grain prices but we could see record falls. I am happy, though. I'm an optimist and a realist, if that's possible.

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