Bibi van der Zee: Does ice cream make you pregnant?

The news that so-called healthy low-fat yogurt and milk can impair your chances of conceiving will not surprise those who have been pointing out for sometime that saturated fats are not the enemy. Our bodies need saturated fats in moderation: transfats are the baddies. Moreover, when milk is skimmed, you lose nutrients - especially the vital omega 3s.

The tips, hints and prescriptions that circulate around the head of the woman who is trying to conceive include grapefruit juice, oysters, flaxseeds, mustard, brussels sprouts, organic everything (to avoid embryo-mutating pesticides or synthethic hormones), bottled water (to avoid the oestrogen in the water supply), mugwort, royal jelly and wheatgrass. On the list to avoid are shark, transfats, tea, coffee, raw meat, soft cheese, cereal bars, and soy. Straddling the two lists is liver (good because it contains folic acid and vitamin B12; bad because it has too much vitamin A), green tea (one study showed it increased the chance of conceiving; another suggested high consumption might increase chances of miscarriage) and protein (high-protein diets can affect the early development of the embryo; low-protein diets can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies).

It's so confusing; instead, I suggest you buy a really expensive dress in a size you won't be able to wear when you're pregnant. Apparently it's infallible.

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