Blood typing – does it determine your personality?

Throughout history humans have tried to understand what makes them who they are, and that hasn’t changed in the last 100 years. If anything, our over digitalised world has made us seek out anything that could help us understand ourselves better, so that we have more resource than ever before. Often the biggest debate over our personality is whether it is based on our nurture or our nature.

The history of blood typing

If we rewind back to the late 1920s in Japan, there started another theory on why we have the personalities we do. But this one involved blood, more specifically blood types. Takeji Furukawa published a research paper called “The Study of Temperament through Blood Type”. He talked about how there were set types of personalities and these were determined by people's blood type. This theory quickly captivated the Japanese nation and was even adopted by the government at the time. However, soon people saw that the studies found by the research were unreliable and didn’t have sufficient data to back the claims up.

Jump forward to the 1970s, where a journalist, Masahiko Nomi, published a series of books that re-sparked the Japanese's interest in blood typing. Although he had no medical background his books became massive bestsellers, and his son Tashitaka Nomi followed on with his work.

Now blood typing can be found all over East Asia, with many in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan using the theory in their everyday life. Just like the western phenomena of horoscopes, blood typing can be found in many newspapers and magazines. They even have online dating websites that match you by your blood type. You can even find certain drinks marketed towards different blood types.

The four blood types

If you ask someone on the streets of Britain if they know their blood type, most will utter “No, I don’t …what do you want from me?!” But in Japan, 90% of people do know their blood type, and they will also know what their blood type means. In total, there are four blood groups, A, B, O and AB, and these make up the ABO blood typing system.

Blood type A

A person who has blood type A is said to appear more conservative and introverted in nature. To some, they may seem stubborn and uptight, but do show great loyalty to those they love.


- Reserved - Stubborn - Patient

- Considerate - Perfectionist - Loyal

- Self-conscious - Punctual

Blood type B

Someone with blood type B is believed to be a creative individual, but can appear fickle at times.


- Creative - Independent - Appears lazy

- Good liar - Passionate - Shallow

- Self-centred - Inconsiderate - Loses interest easily

Blood type O

Blood type O is one of the most common blood types, and those who have it are seen to be very outgoing people.


- Energetic - Outspoken - Friendly

- Arrogant - Leader - Optimistic

- Dramatic

Blood type AB

Unlike blood type O, blood type AB is the least common blood type. This may be why the blood type is said to have a higher intelligence than most. Although it is also said that they are often shy people.


- Critical - Unpredictable - Focused

- Shy - Indecisive - Hides their feelings

- Adaptable - Focused

The theory of blood typing is dismissed by most scientific communities, due to the lack of evidence or data behind it showing that the theory itself has little scientific backing. However, it does seem to resonate with many, just like horoscopes.

Tell us in the comments below what you think about the theory. Why do you think so many are fascinated by personality tests?



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