Case Notes: Philip Hook

What's the first illness you can remember and how old were you? Vague memories of tonsillitis, aged four or five.

When did you last see your doctor? For a general check-up, two years ago.

What kind of patient are you? Heroic; could do a good death-bed scene.

What's the most pain you've ever been in? Back pain, suddenly on a bus about 20 years ago. I had to struggle home from the bus-stop practically on all fours. It disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

What's your biggest vice? Worry.

Have you given anything up for your health? Smoking, 15 years ago. I miss it dreadfully.

How do you deal with stress? Mowing the lawn and complaining to my wife.

What alternative therapies have you tried? (Did they help?) I've yet to find anything as effective as Aspirin.

Is there any illness you particularly fear? Alzheimer's.

And the biggest medical breakthrough this century? Inoculations and antibiotics. If only doctors had made similar advances in their bedside manner.

And your secret for good health? Exercise.

• Impressionist art expert Philip Hook's latest thriller, The Soldier In The Wheatfield, is published by Hodder.

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