Cranberry juice - a cure for urinary infections?

Realising an old wives tale that you heard as a child is actually true gives a glimmer of hope to our more cynical adult selves. Now that researchers have finally proved that the 'myths' about cranberry juice benefits are factually correct, we have good reason to swap our traditional glass of orange juice for the deep red juice.

How does cranberry juice cure a urine infection

Cranberries contain a substance that can prevent certain bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. These bacteria, called E. coli, cause over 80% of all urinary tract infections. However, cranberry juice isn’t as effective for everyone. It tends to work best in women experiencing recurrent urine and bladder infections.

There are drawbacks to drinking cranberry juice - not everyone likes the taste for a start, it is high in sugar and relatively expensive. However, most large supermarkets do a no added sugar variety, if you shop in Tesco go for the Light Choices no added sugar juice and Sainsbury’s have a Be Good To Yourself no added sugar one. Although, inconclusive, laboratory studies suggest drinking a few glasses every day can treat a urine infection, but the juice contains quite a lot of calories, so if you are watching your weight and drinking cranberry juice, you may need to cut portions somewhere else.

Most doctors concur that drinking plenty of fluids is ane effective way to treat and prevent urinary infections, so even if you don’t like cranberry juice, ensure you drink lots of water and eat an abundance of different coloured fruit and vegetables to cleanse your bladder.

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