Doctor, doctor: Dr Tom Smith answers your questions

Why do I get long spells of dizziness, lasting a few hours, after I have been doing a chore, such as gardening, which involves a lot of bending over? I don't feel dizzy while doing the chore; the dizziness starts a few minutes later.

Dizziness such as this can have several causes. One is a condition we call benign positional vertigo, in which the circulation to the head is affected by the way your head turns on your neck. Or you may have a sudden drop in blood pressure from bending down and straightening up again. This is called orthostatic hypotension. You need to see your doctor, who will examine you to rule out any serious cause and help you manage or prevent the dizziness.

I am of athletic build, reasonably fit, and look younger than my 42 years. Whatever exercise I do, however, I never experience an endorphin rush - there is no buzz or high. I simply feel tired. Is this the case for many people?

The supposed release of endorphins with exercise is still simply a theory. Endorphins are released into the brain - not the bloodstream - so we would have to measure levels in the spinal cord (these reflect brain levels) before, during and after exercise. As you can imagine, it's difficult to do such studies. I suspect you are just normal - maybe you are naturally cheerful anyway and you don't need the endorphins to make you more so! Keep on exercising, though - it is obviously doing you good. How many Brits today can say that they are within the weight band for their height and don't look their age?

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