Doctor, doctor: I find socialising fraught

I've been struggling with social anxiety since midway through university. I find eye contact and chat with people (even friends) uncomfortable. I get frightened when being introduced to new people, especially women. I've been in cognitive behaviour therapy for three years, but still find socialising fraught. Are there alternatives to CBT that might help me?
It sounds as if you need a serious talk with your doctor. There are prescription drugs that, used wisely, can help your anxiety and will work in conjunction with CBT. If your GP refers you to a psychiatrist with an interest in anxiety states in young adults, don't be afraid to accept such help. You are not alone. Have you talked over your fears with your family? They may be more understanding than you think. One way forward is to get in touch with close friends from the past – perhaps old university pals. It is easier to start with a few old friends than to make new ones. New ones will come when you are in a small group, which will give you confidence.

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