Don't let drinks drown your diet!

To begin, let’s take you through a 'typical' day – you get up, give yourself plenty of time for breakfast and sit down to some wholemeal toast and low fat spread (well done!), a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (say 300mls) and make yourself a café latte with whole milk.

Mid morning, you refuse the biscuits that are on offer (hurray!) but take two spoons of sugar in your tea.

At lunch, you have a baked potato with salad (nice one!), but can’t resist that can of Coke to wash it down. On the way home you drink half your child’s bottle of Sunny Delight and have another cup of sugary tea before you cook dinner.

For dinner, you go for a chicken and vegetable stir fry, being careful to use the minimum amount of fat and follow it up with a low-fat yoghurt (super!).

It’s been a fairly hard day at work however, so you crack open a bottle of wine and have a couple of glasses. Later your partner arrives in after working late with a McDonalds, proudly declaring that he or she didn’t bring anything for you to eat knowing that you were trying to lose weight (brilliant!) but they’d brought you a milk shake instead because they knew you loved them. Eh…thanks…

So, what’s the damage?

Add up the calories from a large glass of orange juice (99 calories), a caffe latte (132 calories), two cups of sweet tea (80 calories), a can of Coke (129 calories) a half bottle of Sunny Delight (225 calories), two glasses of wine (200 calories) and a regular milk shake (403 calories and 10 grams of fat) and your grand total is no less than 1268 calories!

For someone who is trying to lose just a few pounds, that’s about the right amount of calories to eat in one day and you’ve already drunk it all!

So back to the drawing board - how could that be improved?

Well, take a little less orange juice and you could reduce to 66 calories (200 ml).

Use skimmed milk in your latte and you drop another 66 calories. Take only one spoon of sugar in your tea and save another 40 calories over the course of the day.

Choose diet Coke over Coke (but preferably water) and save another 128 calories. Carry a bottle of water with you so you are not tempted to drink the Sunny Delight because it’s the only thing available.

Limit yourself to one glass of wine (another 100 calories) and of course, skip the milk shake. Your calorie intake from drinks is now 272 calories and you have saved yourself almost 1000 calories in just one day!

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