Dr Luisa Dillner's guide to . . . nosebleeds

✤ Don't panic. The nose has a great blood supply so chances are it's not as bad it looks. Most nosebleeds just happen but can be brought on by nose-picking, heavy blowing or being hit on the nose.

✤ Lean your head forward and pinch the soft part of your nose above your nostrils firmly and constantly for at least 10 minutes. Breathe through your mouth.

✤ When the bleeding stops, do not sniff or wipe your nose or it might start again.

✤ Heavy bleeding that doesn't stop, especially if the person is older or on blood-thinning medicine, needs urgent attention. Doctors may pack the nose or apply heat to seal off the blood vessel. If it happens once or twice a week see your GP as there are some rare conditions that cause nosebleeds that need treatment.

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