Dr Luisa Dillner's guide to . . . removing splinters

A splinter may work its own way out, but it could also get further embedded and become infected (look out for pain, swelling, redness or pus). If it is very deep, or under a nail, you may need to get your doctor to remove it.

✤ If the splinter is sticking out of the skin, you could try gently squeezing it out but this may just break it. It is better to use tweezers. Clean the tweezers and skin with alcohol and pull the splinter out at the same angle at which it went in. Then wash the wound with soap and water.

✤ If necessary, try a more involved surgical procedure: break the skin using a sewing needle (washed in alcohol too), then use tweezers to pick up the splinter. Clean the area afterwards. You may want to check when you last had a tetanus jab.

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