Dr Tom Smith on travel sickness

My husband and I are taking our children (16-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son) to Mexico later this year. None of us has spent 14 hours in the air before, and I am beginning to worry that we might suffer travel sickness. How can we prepare for such a long flight and prevent airsickness?

Why do you think you will be airsick? It's actually very rare in modern aircraft, because the flights are smooth. As for spending so long in the air, it's not a problem. If you all keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, avoid alcohol, and stretch your legs every hour or so, you won't feel the outward journey is too long. And you can sleep on the return journey, which is usually overnight from the other side of the Atlantic. You sound a bit over-protective. Don't be. Just enjoy the trip - it will be an adventure.

The roof of my mouth has been unbearably itchy for weeks, as has my nose - could it be hay fever or an allergy? And how can I get rid of it?

A persistent itch inside the mouth is very rare. The fact that the nose is involved suggests a reaction to an allergen, but it doesn't really explain the itch on the roof of the mouth. Can you see any change in the colour or texture of the area that's itchy? A white patch, for example, would suggest thrush. Your doctor would want to rule out an irritation of the nerve to the roof of the mouth, however, so do ask for an appointment. As it has lasted for weeks, you really need to have it investigated.

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