Ebola nurse Pauline Cafferkey rushed back to hospital

The nurse who contracted the Ebola virus in 2014 has been readmitted to hospital in Glasgow.

According to a spokesperson at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, the 40-year-old nurse is in a stable condition and is under routine monitoring by their Infectious Diseases Team.

Pauline Cafferkey first became infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone, while caring for patients.

At this stage it is not known if she has been admitted in relation to Ebola on this occasion.

What are the symptoms of Ebola?

An infected person will usually develop a high temperature (fever), severe headache, joint and muscle pain, sore throat, and severe muscle weakness. These symptoms begin suddenly, and start between two and 21 days after becoming infected (usually after five to 10 days).

An infected person may then develop diarrhoea, sickness (vomiting), a rash, stomach pain and reduced kidney and liver function. Bleeding inside the body and also bleeding from the ears, eyes, nose or mouth may occur.

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