Emma Cook reviews cleansers

Purifying foaming cleanser, £27, by Jurlique
from spacenk.com

Ideal for slightly greasy skins: its ingredients include lavender and tea tree oil to rebalance oiliness. On the skin, feels more like a toner than a cleanser, and leaves complexion feeling refreshed if not a little dry.

The cleansing foam, £45, by Crème de la Mer
from cremedelamer.co.uk

Gentle mint-green foam containing the suitably aquatic-sounding sea algae fibres, white pearl powder and tourmaline. Leaves skin feeling deep cleansed and brighter, but not dehydrated or taut. Pea-sized amount required, so lasts for ages.

Gel pureté , £23.50, by Chanel
020-7 493 3836

A super-concentrated clear gel that transforms into a rich, creamy lather with just a dab of water. This gentle cleanser, which has a soft, hyacinth fragrance, leaves skin squeaky clean and refreshed, and is not too drying.

Foaming non-detergent cleanser,
£11, by Kiehl's , 020-7 751 5950

Great for combination skin with Kiehl's inimitable old-fashioned, no-nonsense approach to skin care. Cleanses thoroughly, but does benefit from a rich moisturiser on less oily complexions.

Purifying foaming cleanser, £22, by Stella McCartney
01444 255700

Comes out a bit like shaving foam and it's also quite tricky to control nozzle action. On the upside, this feels and smells gorgeous, and gives the skin a polished sheen. Ecocert-certified as organic.

Foaming water, £19, by YSL
01444 255700

Luxurious yet sensible investment: a cleanser that's perfect for sensitive,
drier skins - possibly because of its exotic ingredients, including soothing
maple sap. Dirt and make-up dissolve, yet it feels gentle and calming on the

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