Fireworks guide: how to stay safe this Bonfire Night

With Bonfire Night soon upon us, be sure to keep safe whilst you are having fun.

Every year, just under 1,000 people have Bonfire Night associated injuries. Of these, half are children under 16, and it is teenage boys that are the most commonly injured.

A few simple things can ensure people enjoy themselves whilst minimising accidents.

Sparkler safety

These are often thought to be the 'safe fireworks.' However, just remember, they can get six times as hot as a pan of cooking oil (over 2,000'C) so it makes sense to keep sparklers in safe hands.

To keep safe follow the rules below:

  • Keep sparklers for the over-fives
  • Always supervise children using sparklers
  • Avoid holding a baby or toddler when using a sparkler
  • Wear gloves when using sparklers
  • Show children how to hold sparklers - away from their body and at arm's length
  • Put used sparklers into a bucket of cold water.


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