Happiness series: Why does coffee make us happy?

The smell of coffee in the morning is like an alarm clock, except you won't just press the 'snooze button'. It's the kick we need to start our day. And there seems to be a coffee for everyone no matter what your taste.

But why does coffee leave some of us bursting with joy?

So we asked our social communities on Facebook and Twitter on #HappinessMonday why coffee makes them happy! And the coffee-lovers came out in force.

1. The smell of coffee just can't be beat

2. Love comes first ... but coffee is a close seconded 

3. It makes you alert 

4. It can just make you smile

5. It's in your blood and made you who you are!

6.  Somehow it can take you back in time

Coffee-lovers have spoken and sung the praise of coffee everywhere. 

 Why does coffee make YOU happy? Add your comment below.

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