How to ... get rid of a double chin

1 Do try to rid your jaw line of excess fluid. Some experts think double chins indicate a sluggish lymphatic system. Massage can help. place the thumbs under the jawline, with fingers on the bone. Inch thumb pads towards your ears, pressing firmly but gently.

2 Don't ignore the muscles in the neck and jaw when working out. There are 35 of them and they can become slack with age and inactivity. Move your head up and down or from side to side.

3 Do talk and laugh a lot, and eat healthy, chewy foods - it's the best way to work facial muscles.

4 Do ask yourself if you need to lose weight all over. Most people find their double chin disappears along with the love handles and pot belly when they start to watch their diet and exercise more. However, double chins can be genetic, in which case the fatty deposits are harder to shift.

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