How to divorce-proof your health

If you've split from a long-term partner, you'll know just how draining it can all be on your emotional wellbeing. But it's also worth stopping to evaluate the effect of a break up on your overall health too.

Long-term, divorce is linked with an increased risk of breast cancer,type 2 diabetes, anxiety and depression. Research has also linked it with cardiovascular disease so perhaps broken hearts aren't just a myth.

In the short term, emotional stress can cause dramatic weight loss, if you've lost your appetite. At the opposite end of the scale, comfort eating can cause you to pile on weight. According to research, divorcees are 23% more likely to experience mobility problems and sleep disturbance.

But it's not all grim news. While divorce does, of course, spell an ending, it also signifies a new beginning - the gateway to a healthier, happier life.

Read on to get 6 tips for protecting your mental and physical health during your breakup and beyond - so that you can start your new journey in tip top condition.


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