Is the increase in the 10 most common cancers caused by obesity?

Carrying more weight than we should increases the risk of developing 10 of the most common cancers, according to a recent UK study.1

The research examined the medical records of five million people in the UK, with the purpose of checking how BMI affected the risk of 22 cancers. They estimated that the risk of developing uterine cancer increased by 41% if people were overweight, and also found obesity could increase the risk of developing gallbladder, kidney, liver or colon cancer by as much as 10%.

While being a healthy weight is not a guarantee against cancer, it can significantly reduce your risk as well as help prevent other conditions such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. A healthy, balanced diet and taking part in regular exercise are the best ways of maintaining a healthy bodyweight.


1 Tufts University (via EurekAlert). Estimated 1.65 million global cardiovascular deaths each year linked to high sodium consumption . Published August 14 2014


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