It's a miracle: CoolCap

I'm sitting here feeling a bit silly with a funny plastic cap on my head filled with chilled water, from the fridge. The whole hat's been in the fridge, not just the water. And I've got something similar wrapped round my neck and shoulders. Forget pashminas, this is what we're wearing right now: the CoolCap.

You can also put it in the freezer, using a melon to keep it in shape, says the brochure. The idea, it also says, is to offer "well-deserved relief from migraine, headaches and stress". The trouble is that I'm not really suffering from any of those conditions right now. But it does feel nice having such a cool head and I imagine if you did have a migraine, it would be bliss.

It's been been developed by "migraineurs" - that's people who get migraines. Just a couple of complaints. It's too expensive: £24 for the cap, £13 for the neck and shoulder thing, and £12 for something called a palm pad, which I didn't get the chance to use. And it's hard to fill up without spraying water everywhere.

Finally, in the brochure there's a picture of a man driving his car wearing one of the neck things. Well you just wouldn't. Just look at the picture - this is an at-home-only item. Even if you have got a migraine.

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