Laura Barton on G2's summer fete update

We hope you all enjoyed the G2 village fete special issue on bank holiday Monday. Now we've taken down the bunting and clambered out of our rabbit costumes, we thought we would give you an update on how it all went - after all, we expect you've been wondering just how many sweets really were in that jar (the answer was 754, and the closest guess was 761), not to mention what the bear got named (we picked Farringdon Bear, of course, over close contenders Bearis Johnson and Grundian).

The secret ingredients in the Red Ace cake were beetroot, chocolate, mascarpone and lemon; in the Tropical Delight there was mango, banana, papaya, pineapple and allspice; and in the Cerise Surprise pistachios, blackberries, creme de cassis, mure and kirsch. Lucky readers will shortly be receiving the first two cakes, but you were clearly foxed by our Cerise Surprise, which no one guessed correctly. The recipes, courtesy of Allegra McEvedy, are here.

The celebrity bric-a-brac stall, where we flogged all manner of items donated by generous stars on a special eBay store, was something of a triumph: Vorderman's signed Sudoku Game fetched £21, Paul Kaye's BBC pass, signed by Noel Gallagher, went for £77, Lily Allen's Matthew Williamson frock went to one lucky bidder for £410, and Stephen Merchant's signed Extras script was sold for £335.

A pair of Fila shorts signed by popular beat combo CSS notched up £11.60, and a pair of Betsey Johnson shoes that once adorned the feet of Lorraine Kelly made £98.

And there was more, much more: two books signed by David Mitchell inspired a bid of £56, Will Young's hat earned £26.05 and Celia Birtwell's lovely vintage necklace went for £51.89. Wayne Hemingway's picnic bench fetched £102, Noel Clarke's iPhone £255, and even Gok Wan's control pants brought in £17.

In total, our 22 lots made a grand total of £1,943.78. In lieu of a church roof appeal, all proceeds went to the Katine Fund, the three-year project to improve the lives of 25,000 people in Uganda, being tracked by the Guardian. Thank you again everybody.

Nominations for next year's Rose Queen start next week.

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