Massage & relaxation guide: When A-listers go alternative

Being a celebrity is hard. Imagine, a life of fantastic lighting, free clothes and infinite compliments. They have ways of getting through it though - and while it won't make the papers if a celebrity makes an appointment at their local GP, it's front-page news if they're spotted floating out of a hypnotherapy session ...


Leonard Cohen uses meditation to stay relaxed, as does Heather Graham, best-known for her enviable complexion and role as a roller-skating porn star. Richard Gere, too, is a meditator, setting aside an hour a day to relax. He's met the Dalai Lama! Loads of times!


Last year, the celebrity-watchers among us started to notice more and more little needles stuck in the ears of our favourite stars. It's called auricular acupuncture - Kate Moss had it, and where Moss goes, the world follows ... Matt Damon attended a film premiere with little pins in his ears, while Cherie Blair and Victorian throwback Helena Bonham Carter are fans, too.


Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas likes belly tops, lip liner and hypnotherapy. She used it to successfully quit her meth addiction, de-stress, and stop biting her nails. Lily Allen was delighted by hypnotherapy, as was Tiger Woods, who was hypnotised to "gain the mental edge".


Despite a whole personal theme park at his disposal, Michael Jackson uses reflexology to relax. Whitney Houston followed suit, and now she's as chilled as a can of Tizer.

Crystal healing

Uma Thurman believes in the healing power of crystals, just as Elizabeth Taylor believes in the healing power of diamonds. Cherie Blair agrees - she sports a natty crystal pendant which she reckons will ward off harmful rays from computers and mobile phones. Good luck Cherie!


Supermodel Agyness Deyn was named Laura Hollins until her mum, a reiki healer, adapted it after consulting numerology texts. They promised the combination of letters Agyness now sports would bring her the most positive spiritual success. And loads and loads of free handbags.

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