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Middle-age spread in women could be explained by a post-menopausal shift in the sense of taste which encourages a powerful craving for sweet food. Doctors in Turkey have identified a decrease in the tongue's ability to sense sweet things after menopause, which encourages women more than men to compensate by eating more sweet things. The study from Ankara University, reported in the British Dental Journal, found that almost 35% of post-menopausal women had lost some of their sense of taste for sweet foods.

Iron deficiency in pregnant women could be avoided without the commonly experienced gastro-intestinal problems associated with taking iron tablets through a new iron-enriched water. A team of obstetric researchers at the Royal-Jubilee Maternity Service found that Spatone Iron+, a naturally occurring mineral water sourced from an iron-rich spa in the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia National Park, can keep iron levels up throughout pregnancy.

British society accepts work-related stress as a fact of life. And a quarter of stressed individuals won't seek help for their anxieties. Some 77% said that work stress was a part of life in the NOP poll of 992 people over 16. The majority (55%) said it was up to the individual to deal with, while 35% believe having a break from work is the best solution. Stress is the second biggest cause of sickness absence in the UK. Signs of stress include fatigue, mood swings, skin problems, muscle tension, disturbed sleep patterns, low self esteem, anxiety, poor concentration, changes in eating patterns, and forgetfulness. One of the best ways of dealing with and preventing stress is through physical exercise.

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