My body & soul: Arlene Phillips, choreographer, 65

How healthy are you?

If I say 'extremely', it makes me nervous, but I would say extremely. I can only remember really being ill three times.

Have you ever spent a night in hospital?

Yes. About six years ago I got a virus and nobody knew what it was. It left me with a frozen shoulder, so for two years I couldn't use my left arm. It was hysterical to all the dancers I was choreographing at the time. I'd have my right arm stretched up and my left half bent in the air and they would say: 'Is that exactly what you want?'

Do you worry about your weight?

Endlessly. I've spent my life if not on a diet then thinking about the diet I should be on. Sometimes I'll feel content dieting - if I could only bottle that feeling! Instead I'll go to the fridge and have a lump of cheese or something and then I'm on the roller coaster again.

What exercise do you take?

I love swimming, and when I'm choreographing something I'm in the studio dancing all day, every day. I started ballet when I was two and actually didn't enjoy it, but started again when I was nine and would dance every hour that I possibly could.

How much do you drink?

I don't drink at all. If I'm out I'll have the occasional sip of wine just to be sociable. When I was pregnant with Abi, my late baby who I had at 47, just the smell of alcohol made me sick, and that association hasn't gone away.

What's your attitude to drugs?

I never really minded people smoking dope, but it did seriously damage someone I was very close to. We didn't know she had a tendency to schizophrenia - the change was dramatic and so damaging.

Are you happy?

Ever so. I've always been passionate about dance, and my life is completely full of it. My career has just been fantastic - but most importantly, I have an amazing family.

How do you feel about cosmetic surgery?

I've always had a fear of the knife and the needle but I'm sure one day I am going to look at myself and say: 'It's time - take a chance.' There's this opportunity to look as young as you feel, and that's tempting.

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