An apple a day

Forget about Snow White - red apples are the fairest of them all, according to a new study in the Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry. Canadian researchers found that disease-fighting antioxidants called polyphenols were twice as prevalent in red apple varieties as they are in green ones. But whatever colour your apple, don't peel it - the skin contains fives times as many antioxidants as the flesh. Research from Glasgow University has also found that red grapes offer higher levels of antioxidants than white ones.

Exercise ... at a stretch

Research has put a question mark over the validity of yoga as a workout by suggesting that participants may be getting more exercise walking to the class than they get once they're in it. The study, from Texas State University, compared half an hour of hatha yoga with the same length of time walking at a not terribly brisk 3.5mph and with sitting quietly in a chair. The yoga resulted in a 21% lower heart rate, 53% lower calorie expenditure a minute and 54% lower oxygen uptake than the walking. The researchers concluded that while yoga can help enhance muscular fitness and flexibility, it has little - if any - aerobic benefit. If it's any consolation to all you yogis out there, however, it was more demanding than resting in a chair.

Patch of the day

Pain, low libido, contraception, stress, nicotine withdrawal - there's a patch for everything these days. If you can find space on your arm, there's now the GI diet patch, too. Based on the principle that smell determines 95% of our taste sensations, this patch aims to reduce cravings for sugary foods by emitting a sweet scent (vanilla, toffee and almond come to mind) to saturate the olfactory senses and convince you that you really don't want that french fancy. 'The research on these patches suggests they can help reduce cravings for sugary foods,' says Azmina Govindji, registered dietitian and co-author of The GI Plan (Vermilion, £7.99). 'Since GI is about keeping your blood-sugar levels slow and steady throughout the day, eating fewer sugary foods between meals may help you keep to overall low GI eating.' All very well, but not much help for those of us whose high GI fix comes in the form of hot buttered crumpets. I wonder when they'll bring out a discipline patch?

· A 10-day supply costs £9.99; (0870 062 5707).

Two wheels good

Has your flurry of two-wheeled commuting hit a rocky patch now that it's rather chilly and dark out on the roads? Well, don't despair. The London School of Cycling's training for travel service can help - not only will they show you how to brush up on your urban cycling skills, they will suggest the best route from home to work, and will even escort you along it to show you how best to deal with specific hazards.

· Training for travel, £25 an hour; 020-7249 3779 for details (

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