The new black

I've heard the wonders of Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat, so decided to try it. It's disappointingly light, and gives my bags an unappealing blue tint. When I complain to a friend, she tells me that I have the wrong shade, and shows me hers, which is darker.

A quick call to YSL, and they are adamant that Touche Eclat comes in only one colour: one shade suits all. When I beg to differ, they politely insist that I am mistaken. I, rather less politely, tell them about my friend. That shade is not available in Europe, so we don't publicise it, they tell me. It's for the Asian market. That's ridiculous, I say - besides, my friend bought hers in London. She must have bought it in Harrods, comes the response. Well, yes, but last time I checked, Knightsbridge wasn't a separate country.

Let me clear up the confusion: there is a darker shade of Touche Eclat and it is available in this country, but only in Harrods, it appears. In case you're wondering, the elusive darker shade was a perfect match.

At Make Up For Ever, the concealer comes in a slim palette, with five shades, from a light beige to dark brown, with a green on the end, for those of you with blushes to calm.

The new Bobbi Brown stack concealer kit is equally varied. The cream concealer is available in eight shades. In the other half of the stack is a sheer powder, which sets the concealer, so it doesn't crease.

The Nars concealers come in three darker shades (Toffee is Naomi Campbell's favourite). Use a flat brush to apply and gently swipe over the eye area, starting from the inner eye and blending well inside the bridge of the nose.

Marks & Spencer's Perfect Complexion concealer (Warm 8 and Warm 9) was a pleasant surprise - it's slightly heavy, though, so apply on to the hand first, then dab under the eyes.

The Body Shop lightening touch (03) and the Iman corrective concealer are like very light liquid foundation. The colour is good on both, but they crease slightly, so use them in the evening, when it will be less obvious.

And, if all else fails, you could always try Harrods.

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